Typography mutations based on form languages from my environment. 6 different series based on different objects. Regulation of the letters by my own code system.

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Final Thesis Intern


Poster F4, 6xBooklets, Video 4'43"

Editorial Design


DIN E5, 20 Pages

Experimental Magazine about «Billy» the Ikea icon. Creative solutions for bilingual texts, unaesthetic pictures and a middle page poster.

Plakat series of 3. The Endresultat of a 2 Week intern Workshop with lots of experimenting about placement, expression and different elements such as type and pictures.

Result of a 2 month search about an own visual language. I experimented a lot with Type. Different technique and wordplay. The result are big format Plakats in different sizes.

Video for the «Bieler Fototage» 2019. An interpretation of the head theme crack. Clips were mostly filmed at the student trip in Rotterdam. The Road as a Timeline and red line trough Time.

Result after a 2 week Workshop to create a large sized Silk-print book. Composition of sketches and colours from that Time. An important experience for me that introduced me to that technique.